Montes Reserva Merlot

Wijn omschrijving:

Considered one of the most able practitioners in the cellar, winemaker Aurelio Montes has always maintained that '80% of good wine comes from the vineyards and only 20% from the cellar'. So vineyard care is paramount, enabling us to produce world-class wines. From the vineyard rows to the cellar, we meticulously study every variable in the winemaking process. Our commitment to method and process is almost obsessive; nothing is left to chance. We began by building on the techniques developed for creating our first Montes Alpha wines many years ago. Key steps have been the removal of excess grape bunches during the first period of growth, and less irrigation, both of which have consistently helped us obtain the small yields and concentrated grape juice that are the prerequisites of quality wine. But perhaps the single most important characteristic of our winegrowing is the precision we exercise in harvesting of grapes at the precise moment of maturation. We aim for completely mature fruit so that we also have completely mature tannins. We pick the grapes at the coolest hours of the early morning (and sometimes at night, too) in order to preserve grape freshness. Once in our cellar, we eliminate any bunches that fall short of our quality standard. Not a day goes by without experimenting, and observing how wines behave - developing our own ways to create wines with the Montes stamp, never following others' trends. We don't follow conventional recipes: we just need the best grapes, and apply care and thought to them. We never overprocess or manipulate our wines: we let them rest and mature. It's the Montes touch, followed and guarded by our angels.

Wijn details:

Prijs: 9,49
Land: Chili
Druiven: Merlot
Alcoholpercentage: 13,5%
Fles inhoud: 0,75 liter
Wijnwinkel: MijnSlijter

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Verkoper: MijnSlijter
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Verzendkosten normaal: € 7
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